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The Corn Maze Owner's Guidebook: Lose your customers, not yourself

After more than ten years of helping farms with our original title, Corn Mazes: Is There A Pot Of Gold In Your Cornfield?, we have completely rewritten this resource with even more information to help you create a corn maze. Written by Corn Mazes America founder Scott Skelly, this book contains over 90 pages of everything you need to know about making a corn maze from the initial planting to ending with a successful season. Topics include location analysis, detailed designing and cutting techniques, post cutting care, operating and safety tips, and many other important topics involving operating a corn maze. This book provides all the details needed to cut a corn maze with the grid method and discusses options and challenges of GPS cutting. Plus, each copy includes access to online resources including downloads and informational videos. Skelly has over fifteen years of experience designing and cutting corn mazes. He has helped many farms create successful mazes of their own. This book is a must for any first time corn maze owners or any maze owners that want to improve the quality and sales for their maze.

Agritourism: A Beginner's Guide

Agritourism has been around for many years, but the last decades has created a new interest and expansion of agritourism around the world. Whether farms are providing a fresh way to purchase produce, providing an entertainment venue, or creating family memories for their communities, agritourism is an attractive option for farms looking to change. But starting a new business comes with lots of questions, and farms need to be sure they are ready to face the challenges of a very unique operation before entering the business.

If you are thinking about creating a corn maze, pumpkin patch, apple orchard, or any other agritourism venture, this book is a resource you cannot live without. This book is not meant to convince or discourage you to enter the agritourism business. It is meant to help you make the right decision if agritourism is right for you. If it is, this will provide a great starting point to make sure you get your business off the ground right.

This book includes 90 pages of information with topics covering developing an agritourism business plan, choosing activities, product and food sales, how to price activities, marketing, safety, night-time operations, and much more.

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Scott has returned with an all new book. Tilling God's Land takes a look at farming throughout the Bible and brings home lessons for those who work the land.

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