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At Corn Mazes America, we offer assistance at every step of the corn maze process. From the beginnings of your planning until the day you close for the season, we have the tools to help motivated maze owners be successful.

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Important Services Notice

We strive to provide top-quality service to all customers who purchase through us, and we limit the number of new customers we will accept to help maintain this top quality service. We still offer maze designs to be cut using the grid method or your own method, but we are no longer accept any new MazeGPS cutter plans. Download our services packet for more information.

All other products such as our books, MazeGPS Explorer for corn maze visitors, Maze Master Smartphone Games, corn maze directory listings, and all other products are still available.

If you are looking for a full service company to design and cut your corn maze in 2017, visit our friends at Maize Quest. They provide great designs, games, and professional staff that will help you get started in the corn maze business.

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Step One: Learning

It pays to do your homework. We might have all hated homework in school, but when it comes to running a corn maze there is a lot to know. Running a maze involves much more than just getting a design put in your cornfield, and many mazes have quickly gotten in over their heads when they failed to realize this. From planning before you cut the maze including zoning and insurance to door opening requirements such as staffing and property preparation, a corn maze requires work to be prepared.

We have two great books to help you learn more about creating a corn maze and entertaining the public on your farm.

For more information or to order these books, visit our books page.

Step Two: Designing

A good maze design is key to having a maze that is successful for your business. Many different factors including field size, target age group, cutting method, and marketing plans should all be considered when designing your maze. Most mazes will include both a picture in the design and a challenge. The degree of challenge will vary based on the type of customer you hope to attract, and you may even have multiple mazes within a maze. While you can certainly design a maze yourself, and our book gives tips on doing so, the maze design is probably the most logical part of the process to hire in assistance. Even if you plan to cut the maze yourself, a good maze designer can offer input to make your design properly fit your field, provide the right challenge, and consider traffic flow.

We offer two great options for you to leave the designing to us:

Step Three: Cutting

A maze design is only as good as the job spent cutting it. Fortunately, we have tools to help get your design into your field. While hundreds of farms hire maze companies to come in and cut their maze, hundreds more complete this job on their own. Self-cutting can be a big undertaking, but by doing it yourself you can save thousands of dollars a year. For more than 10 years we traveled the country cutting mazes. Now we focus on working with farms who want to cut their own mazes. With the right cutting method and attention to detail, you really can cut an award winning maze design.

Step Four: Running

Once you cut the maze your work is only beginning as you prepare your maze and farm for the public. Here's some awesome resources we offer.