Corn Maze Games

Corn mazes need more of a challenge than simply the excitement of finding the exit. With checkpoints, your maze can create that excitement many times in the maze. At Corn Mazes America, we have checkpoint ideas to engage your customers throughout the maze.

Corn Maze Punches

These maze checkpoint punches are a great way to add an extra maze game to your corn maze. These punches are designed for outside use that will not rust. Their durable design allow them to last much longer than most shaped hole punches. A hole in in the rear allows you securely attach the punch to a post with a small chain. The small pins are arranged in different patterns, and a mixture of up to 20 unique designs can be shipped. These punches are a great way to take the hassle out of your maze games.

Single Punches $9.00 each
Box of 10 Punches $75.00 per box

Shipping $5 for up to 10 individual punches. Shipping $5 for each box of 10 punches. International shipping is not available for this product. We reserve the right to cancel any order with a refund and notice when we cannot fulfill an order.

Maze Master Trivia and Smartphone Games

Take your corn maze to the next level with some awesome checkpoint technology. Visitors can use their smartphone to access more than 60 categories of questions to navigate your maze. Answer correctly and they will be headed in the right direction. But if they are incorrect...let's just say they need to watch out for a dead end!

Your guests can also turn their phone into a virtual punch card. They use their phone to scan QR codes. The phone tracks which checkpoints they have found, and when they are all finished they can enter into a drawing. Set-up is easy and our staff is here to help.

Plus, teachers and group leaders can also write their own trivia questions through an online tool to print and bring for their students or members without the hassle of having to figure out the turns in your maze.

At only $200 per year, this software is as simple to setup as it is amazing! Learn more on or dedicated Maze Master Smartphone Games and Triva website.

Smartphone GPS for Maze Visitors

Possibly the coolest advancement in corn mazes since those first paths were cut more than 20 years ago, Smartphone GPS is here. Let your customers (or you!) turn their phone into a fully functioning GPS map of the maze that shows their exact position. While they will not get turn-by-turn directions to take all the fun out of the maze, they can choose from one of 6 fun characters to see your progress.

Smartphone GPS is built right into our Master Master Smartphone games for complete integration, or use just the GPS as a standalone program. Learn more about Smartphone GPS at and

Maze Maps and More

Need some awesome looking maze maps? Let us do the design work! We offer designing and printing at a great price and shipped right to your door. Check out our full line of design services.


Need wristbands for admission to your corn maze or attractions? Order from Wristband Resources and receive a special Corn Mazes America discount. They offer great pricing on templated bands for corn mazes, or get a discount off a custom order. Just contact Bonnie at for the CMA special.