Corn Maze Visit Tips

Ahh, the excitement of summer. Swimming, baseball, grilling, and corn mazes. Each year, hundreds of mazes are featured in thousands of newspapers and magazines across both the United States and the rest of the world. Here is our media guide to help reporters get the facts right about corn mazes.

The first modern corn maze was created in the early 1990s in the United States, although simple mazes were appearing as early as the 1980s. Since that time, the number of corn mazes has mushroomed in size. By 1998 there were between 50-100 corn mazes in the United States. But the numbers keep growing. In 2008, Corn Mazes America estimated that there were over 800 corn mazes in the United States alone. However, it is very hard to obtain exact numbers since many mazes are privately designed.

In an attempt to help visitors find a corn maze near them, Corn Mazes America provides a free, online directory of corn mazes. Unlike most online listings of corn mazes, anyone can post a maze on this site for no charge and they do not have to be under a contract with a specific corn maze company. As a reporter please be cautious when printing websites listing corn mazes since most only list their own customers. While we are also a commercial company, we include all farms as a public service and our customer farms receive their special features in a separate portion of our site.

Many corn mazes are designed by professional corn maze companies. These companies designed over 400 mazes alone in 2013. Most of these mazes are designed by about five companies such as ourselves that help farms create corn mazes.

Corn mazes are created using a number of different methods. Some farmers use Global Positioning System (GPS), which utilizes satellites to help pinpoint their location in the field. Others use simpler grid systems to cut maze. Both methods are very effective and can create stunning pictures in corn fields.

Most corn mazes are about 4-20 acres in size. One acre is about the size of a football field. Mazes may have a few miles of paths that visitors can walk. But there is no need to fear: most visitors will not walk more than one third of the paths in a single maze. Many farms will also provide maps to help visitors navigate through the maze.

Corn mazes can be a lot more than just walking through a cornfield. Most mazes will also include special puzzles within the maze. Visitors must find hidden clues, checkpoints, bridges, towers, and more along the paths. This helps to make for a truly exciting day.

Corn mazes are so attractive to many visitors because they can be entertaining for all age groups. Young children will enjoy smaller mazes that do not require much walking. Many mazes are designed to allow visitors to exit partway through the maze. If the little ones get tired, other group members can continue through the entire maze. But there is one important rule with corn mazes: You must end with as many kids as you started with.

If you have more questions about corn mazes or would like to conduct a phone interview, please contact us. We are always happy to help with news productions related to corn mazes. Corn Mazes America is dedicated to not only help the farmers who own mazes be successful, but we also want the visitors to have an easy and fun experience.

Compiled by: Scott Skelly, Corn Mazes America Founder and Owner, 2005, last edited in December 2013

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