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At Corn Mazes America we offer many other cool resources that just don't quite fit anywhere else on our website. Some are free and others have a cost. Click on a resource below for more details or see our full line-up in our Services Packet.

Marketing Tools

We have a great staff of designers and experts to help you create eye popping maze maps, flyers, brochures, newsletters and much more. Whether you want basic grayscale or full color printing, we can design catchy publications. Then, we turn the printing over to you or we print and ship your order right to your door. Since we do a lot of printing, we get great pricing that is passed on to you and may actually be cheaper than printing yourself.

Some specific options include:

  • Maze Maps: Let us make your map flashy for visitors as they navigate the maze. We can create maps with checkpoints marked, multicolored maps for multiple mazes in one, and much more. Plus, we can integrate your map onto a punch card layout complete with rules!
  • Farm Signage: Need to sharpen up your image around the farm? We can design large format signs that help your customers know all the details about your farm. We then send them to an outdoor printer who produces a high quality PVC sign, aluminium sign, or outdoor banner.
  • Newsletters, Flyers, and Brochures: Whether you need a full color newsletter or a simple grayscale flyer, we can get your information out in a snap. Plus, we can help make sure that your format will be ready for mass mailing.

Contact us for pricing and samples.

Team Building Program

Bring the fun of life sized mazes out of the cornfield for team building events and ropes courses. Corn Mazes America offers a variety of options for team building coordinators. We offer options for portable mazes that can easily be set up or removed. Or, for more permanent areas such as ropes courses, why not incorporate a permanent maze?

Team building mazes are typically designed to be much more challenging than a standard maze because they include special rules such as left-turn only mazes. This promotes team building and allows for a difficult maze without using a large area. Our special mazes such as left turn only mazes and color changing mazes make a simple puzzle become difficult quickly.

We design each project to individual needs. Choose from options including just a maze design to options that include fully constructed mazes. Nothing brings people together better than getting lost, and one or more mazes may be just the addition your group needs for your team building course.

or check out...

The Incredible Color Changing Maze Book

This new book provides a quality puzzle option for any ropes course or team-building program. This puzzle is designed to be portable, flexible, and most importantly a puzzle that truly focuses on encouraging teamwork and learning. With over twenty puzzles utilizing only one or two sets of materials, this puzzle provides flexibility with a variety of groups. Puzzles are rated from very easy to very difficult, and the puzzle lends itself to a variety of variations and additional options.

This is a new type of puzzle that participants have most likely never seen. The concept is easy for participants to learn, but solving the puzzle will require the entire team. This book includes coordinator instructions, facilitator pages and participant pages for each puzzle, 21 full color map handout pages, installation instructions, and ideas to maximize your use of the puzzle. The entire book comes in a three ringer binder to allow you to pull out pages and easily make copies of any page for facilitators and participants thus protecting your original investment.

How the Puzzle Works: In this puzzle, you must travel from the entrance to the exit by following colored lines. Whenever you come to a dot, you must change to a different color line. While this looks easy, it is actually very hard to find the path from the entrance to the exit. To add more challenge and make it more fun, this puzzle gets laid on a large tarp or on the ground to stretch 20 feet by 20 feet or even larger. When participants walk up to the puzzle, they will immediately be interested in how this unique puzzle works.

While solving the maze can be hard in itself, this book includes a variety of puzzles. For example:

  • "Off Color Maze"-In this puzzle, participants are given a map to make the maze easier. But suddenly they realize that the colors on the map are completely different than the colors in the maze. They need to find the pattern to the colors to solve the maze.
  • "Roger That"-In this puzzle, participants are divided into two groups. One group gets the map, but they cannot see the maze. The other group has to actually walk the maze following the guiding of the map readers who cannot see where they are going. This is a great puzzle for emergency personal training such as fire-fighters to practice radio communication.
  • "Map Issues"-Participants will be glad they have a map to solve the maze until they realize that all the lines and dots have been scrambled around the map. Now they need to try to read a scrambled map to find their way out.
  • "Spelling Bee"-As participants navigate the maze, they will collect letters that will help spell a secret phrase.

This is just a sample of the many puzzles in this book. All puzzles use only one or two layouts of the maze itself. The use of different maps is what makes this puzzle flexible without lots of overhead. We designed this puzzle with participant benefit in mind because we know it is important that participants really gain from any teambuilding program they complete.

*Please note that the maze on the book cover is not the actual maze and is not an exact replication of the actual maze. This cover photo maze has many solutions and would be too easy for participants to complete.

What You Get: In this 86 page book you receive:

  • Detailed explanation of how to best utilize the maze within various programs
  • Instructions how to construct your maze with three different material types for different needs
  • 21 puzzles with facilitator and participant handout sheets. Facilitator sheets summarize the puzzle, provides notes to help run the puzzle effectively, ways to add variations to the puzzle, maps that apply to that puzzle, and possible discussion questions
  • 10 unique maps as needed by the puzzles, 10 solution maps for facilitator and participant use, and 1 special map on a grid to help with construction of your maze
  • Lots of ideas to make your program unique to you
  • Please note that this purchase only includes the guidebook and does not include supplies for physically constructing this maze. A simple, nice construction of this maze on a portable tarp may cost approximately $100-$200 using supplies from a local hardware store. Basic supplies could include 20 x 20 tarp, 10 rolls of colored duct tape, large stickers or vinyl dots. Other construction options could cost more or less. Feel free to contact us with questions or for pricing on purchasing a preprinted maze.

    Do you want a little more information about how this puzzle works before you purchase? Call the author and maze designer, Scott Skelly at (608) 352-0175.

    Price: $70 Now only $50 + $5.00 shipping (US)
    International shipping may be available. Please contact us for details. We reserve the right to cancel any order with a refund and notice when we cannot fulfill an order.

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Urban Corn Mazes

Do you want one of the most unique attractions ever created for a festival, product launch, or city attraction? Let us build a corn maze for you. But wait, what about the corn? No problem. We can make a cornfield overnight. For example, we built a corn maze in Millennium Park in the heart of downtown Chicago. Less than twelve hours after a dinner gala finished in the same area, our corn maze opened to the public. Imagine the excitement of the people in Chicago to see a small cornfield surround by skyscrapers. The four major television stations in the city liked the idea too. Did your last event get that kind of exposure? For more information or a custom bid, please contact us.

Free Corn Maze Devotion for Youth Groups

Help serve the church groups that visit your maze by offering our free corn maze devotion. We do not charge for this as long as you do not charge for the devotion (but you can of course charge for your maze).

How to distribute: You can either print the online devotion, or just point a link from your website to this file for groups to download.

Conference Speaker

Corn Mazes America has speaking sessions designed for a variety of groups. We offer both live presentations to your group or webinars to let your group attend from anywhere. Whether you are hoping to inform, encourage, or motivate, let Corn Mazes America bring our experience to you. We will work with you to create a custom session that fits the goals of your organization.

Farm Market Industry

Very few people can say that they have spent their entire life dedicated to the same industry. Scott is an exception. He cannot remember a time when he was not a part of the family farm market. Scott's experiences are unique because his family's farm market started the same year he was born. Consequently, he grew along with the business from four rows of sweet corn to a farm market with over 100 acres of fresh produce and a key fall destination for area tourism.

Scott has over 15 years of experience in the corn maze industry, but his knowledge and skills cover much of the agri-tourism industry. Through years of working with his family's farm and many other farms all over the world, he has seen the challenges that farms must overcome in order to be successful. Scott has authored two books on the subject.

Presentation topics may include corn mazes and their future, agri-marketing, agri-tourism, public relations and advertising for farm markets, various media including print, visual, and web, managing time, labor, and resources, and many other business and marketing related topics.

Suggested Farm Marketing/Agritourism Presentation Topics

Internet and Web

  • Building loyalty with social media such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs and more
  • Online Marketing: Planning Before You Plant
  • Facebook After The First 100 Fans

Beginning Farm Marketing

  • Creating a business plan, or a plan for business
  • Developing a plan before your invest
  • Farm Layout


  • Writing and sending professional press releases
  • Is Agritourism right for me?

All topics can be customized for your group, and Scott can cover other topics. Presentations available for conferences, conventions, workshops, field days, and more. Call (608) 352-0175 or email for more information and pricing.

About the Speaker

Scott Skelly was born and raised in Janesville, Wisconsin on his family's produce farm. At age 9, Scott began designing the farm's corn maze which helped the farm move towards a complete fall tourism destination. At age 15, Scott founded Corn Mazes America and published his first book. He now works with farms from California to China helping them not only make a corn maze, but also a successful business. His company has grown from a hobby to a large scale company. Scott is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville with degrees in Agribusiness and Public Relations.

For more information about speaking opportunities for you group, please contact us.

Tilling God's Land Devotional Book

Scott has returned with an all new book. Tilling God's Land takes a look at farming throughout the Bible and brings home lessons for those who work the land.

For more information or to order, visit www.TillingGodsLand.com.